Work in Progress

The ‘Ahead of the Game’ series so far has been restricted to three-dimensional collages but I wanted to create an assemblage built around the same title. This is the work in progress and should be ready in a few days.







‘The Gentleman of Note’

Animated Assemblage


‘Paris Is My World’ by Day and by Night

‘Paris Is My World’ (Night) (305 x 305)


Just added to my ‘Mad Mapping Series’ – ‘Paris Is My World’ (Day) and ‘Paris Is My World’ (Night) – both in a Limited edition of just 10 prints – now available through my website or directly ordered HERE,

‘Paris Is My World’ (Day) (305 x 305)

‘Once in a Blue Moon’ & Variations

Triptych Commissioned

'Once in a Blue Moon'

‘Once in a Blue Moon’ – Now with a collector in Kent


This piece was always intended to be part of a triptych using three different accent-coloured spheres. Following delivery of ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ to a delighted collector in Kent today, he has now kindly commissioned a further two pieces to complete the (originally intended) triptych. These will be entitled ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Middle Earth’ and are already under construction.

Trevor Curties delighted with 'Once in a Blue Moon'

Trevor Curties delighted with ‘Once in a Blue Moon’


Trevor was actually so pleased with what he saw on opening the package this morning that he actually phoned me to commission the other two artworks before the first one was out of the box!

Triptych Now Available

Click on image to buy in my Artfinder store

Assemblage Sales

I am also delighted that during the past week two assemblage pieces have now been delivered to their new owner. These are ‘Word Power’ and ‘Snap’.


‘Sally Flies Over The Rainbow’

'Sally Flies Over The Rainbow' - Mixed media collage

‘Sally Flies Over The Rainbow’ – Mixed media collage (Click to buy)


During my flying training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in the 1960s we all had a name for various aircraft we flew. They were all of course ladies and mine was always affectionately named ‘Sally’. As a late teenager I looked to the future as most young people do with hope and ambition and flying through the clouds over the great English countryside I felt that anything was possible and nothing was ever out of reach if you tried hard enough. In reality simple physics dictates that you can never actually fly ‘over’ a rainbow or even through it as it will always evade you and always be in front of you! However, for me, anything was possible back then and I always believed that Sally and I would one day fly right over that rainbow!

This collage is made using parts from the actual manual aviation computer I was issued with in the Royal Air Force along with colour plates from a 1914 dictionary and an illustration from a 1928 magazine.

‘Sally Flies Over The rainbow’ is now available through my shop at Artfinder.

Shipping to the UK is same day if ordered before 12.00 noon by Special Delivery next day. Shipping to the USA, Europe and Canada within 24 hours of order by International Track and Signed For. Shipping to Australia within 24 hours of order by International Tracked.

‘Word Power’

‘The Amazing Thought Generator’


‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’

The Adventures of Archibald Munsen

Little Archibald Munson has just discovered the all-absorbing hobby of photography and takes his first camera on a photo-walk around the North Devon countryside. Click on the image to buy.screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-16-15-23

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