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‘The Electriloquist’ – Ready for a collector…

This is the updated version of ‘The Electriloquist’ which is now finished and ready for its new home…  Click on image to buy.



Website Updated – New Assemblage Ready

Recent sales to collectors

A pleasant afternoon spent housekeeping and updating my website. I have now added pages showing assemblages and collages which have recently been sold to collectors. Click image to visit the page.


‘Ahead of the Game’ #4

This piece is now finished and ready to find a collector! The assemblage uses a beautiful doll’s head, Lotto pieces from the 1930s, dominoes, chess pieces, a handmade wooden body and game definitions for Chess, Poker, Roulette and Bezique, using original pages from a 1914 dictionary.

The head can be swivelled to face any direction depending on where you would like the face relative to the four panels.

The piece measures 263mm high and the main body is 112mm square.


Click image to view on my website


Click image to view on my website


‘Ahead of the Game #4’

This series so far has been restricted to three-dimensional collages but I wanted to create an assemblage built around the same title. This is the work in progress and should be ready in a couple of days.





‘The Gentleman of Note’

Animated Assemblage


A New Addition to the Family!

Irene Jones

Irene Jones and ‘To Give’ at The Hybrid Gallery – Honiton

This is the amazingly talented artist Irene Jones next to our latest acquisition. It’s called ‘To Give’ and is our present from us to the new house. This was the opening of Irene’s show and the first time we have met her. She is such a lovely bubbly person and I’m hoping to get some great images of her working one day at her studio in North Devon. We arrived only about 20 minutes after her show opened today and so many of her pieces had sold already but although we quickly established a shortlist of three ‘To Give’ won the vote and Irene kindly posed for the iPhone next to it!

It’s actually been a couple of days meeting talented artists from Devon. Yesterday we shot a property in Torquay without previously knowing that it was the home of artist Kelvin Halloran. It’s always great to discover a new artist whose work you take to immediately and yesterday was certainly no exception. I have a sneaking feeling it won’t be long before one of his pieces will be gracing a wall at the new house as well.


An example of Kelvin’s great abstract art

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