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‘The Electriloquist’


‘Once in a Blue Moon’ & Variations

Triptych Commissioned

'Once in a Blue Moon'

‘Once in a Blue Moon’ – Now with a collector in Kent


This piece was always intended to be part of a triptych using three different accent-coloured spheres. Following delivery of ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ to a delighted collector in Kent today, he has now kindly commissioned a further two pieces to complete the (originally intended) triptych. These will be entitled ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Middle Earth’ and are already under construction.

Trevor Curties delighted with 'Once in a Blue Moon'

Trevor Curties delighted with ‘Once in a Blue Moon’


Trevor was actually so pleased with what he saw on opening the package this morning that he actually phoned me to commission the other two artworks before the first one was out of the box!

Assemblage Sales

I am also delighted that during the past week two assemblage pieces have now been delivered to their new owner. These are ‘Word Power’ and ‘Snap’.




‘I-Spy’ – with my little eye?



‘Word Power’ – Sir Archibald Muncie

‘The Amazing Thought Generator’


‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’

The Adventures of Archibald Munsen – 1

Little Archibald Munson has just discovered the all-absorbing hobby of photography and takes his first camera on a photo-walk around the North Devon countryside.screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-16-15-23

‘West End Girls’

‘West End Girls’ 




‘Ahead of the Game 3’



Latest Artworks Online

‘The Audition’


‘A Brush With The Past’


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