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‘Word Power’

‘The Amazing Thought Generator’


‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’

The Adventures of Archibald Munsen

Little Archibald Munson has just discovered the all-absorbing hobby of photography and takes his first camera on a photo-walk around the North Devon countryside. Click on the image to buy.screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-16-15-23

‘Three Sixty Degrees’



Since retiring from full-time professional photography I am now veering in a more artistic direction to satisfy my creative urges and to hopefully make a few sales.  This auumn I have been concentrating on digital artworks, 3D collaging and small assemblage pieces which are now selling on Artfinder. I have just completed my latest crazy piece entitled  ‘Three Sixty Degrees’ which is a stand-alone box assemblage measuring 332 mm high x 193 mm wide x 94 mm deep constructed from found (mainly vintage) objects. Using two Victorian mahogany boxes, parts of the electric motor from our family’s 1950’s 8mm cine projector, an antique Bisque dolls head, a French Lotto card, parts of a zoom lens casing, and part of my own pilot’s navigational computer from the 1960s. Turn the armature on the motor and the boys head swivels in his glass ‘observation’ sphere. (see video). (Update: Now sold to a collector in Sydney Australia).



 ‘Three Sixty degrees’ is now with a very happy collector in Sydney, Australia






I am very pleased to say that four more of my assemblages, ‘The Meeting of Minds’, ‘The Saint’, ‘Brush Twice a Day’ and ‘The Meditator’ are now enjoying new homes in Kansas City and London. Please see my latest offerings on Artfinder.


Artworks now with collectors in London, Kansas City, St. Albans and Longfield.

Artworks now with collectors in London, Kansas City, St. Albans and Longfield.


Sales of my Limited Edition prints are steadily increasing with most of them going to the United States. I am particularly pleased with a fun piece entitled ‘My Ship of Devon Dreams’, the first of which is now safely with a collector in Tallahassee Florida.


'My Devon Ship of Dreams'

‘My Ship of Devon Dreams’

Three New Assemblage Pieces

'The Saint' by Colin Cadle 2016

‘The Saint’ by Colin Cadle 2016

I am pleased to say that I have now placed another three new assemblage pieces for sale on Artfinder. ‘The Tiny Time Traveller’ sold recently and is now being enjoyed by a collector in St. Louis Missouri.



Twice a day-067

‘Brush Twice a Day’


Meeting Minds-003

‘The Meeting of Minds’

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