Two More Assemblages go to Sweden

‘A Gentleman of Note’

A couple of weeks ago, a loyal Swedish collector, purchased a fourth assemblage, ‘A Gentleman of Note‘ which is now springing and wobbling to his heart’s content on prominent display in a Stockholm apartment.


‘A Glimpse Into Neverland’ 2018

A lifetime lover of Peter Pan and Wendy, the collector later expressed an interest in commissioning a work with a strong element featuring the ‘boy who never grew up’.  Inspired by a 1985 copy of J M Barrie’s book, I set about creating a piece with a difference.


The inside of the ‘altered book’


After painstakingly ‘hollowing out’ all 197 pages, lining the void with the ‘Fairy’ entry from a 1914 dictionary and fitting mirrored sides to the void I mounted a 1950s vintage musical box movement which plays when you open the book.

The inside cover is adorned with Wendy’s song and little ‘sound bites’ from the book and above the musical movement is mounted a lovely old 1910 postcard featuring our tiny characters entitled ‘Wendy Gives Peter a Kiss’.

The stand is made using vintage chess pieces.

The whole is mounted on a stand made from vintage chess pieces and painted in gold to sit neatly on a coffee table or wide shelf.


Entitled ‘A Glimpse Into Neverland’ this is my second ‘altered book’ the first being ‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’ which is now with a collector in Spain. I am now actively seeking out other suitable books to create further unique works.

‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’


‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’ – Cover



If you are interested in commissioning a unique assemblage piece for yourself or as a very special gift please contact me at or see the ‘Commissions’ information on my website.




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About Colin Cadle

I trained as a pilot at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell flying jets and qualified as a captain on Wessex search and rescue helicopters in the Gulf. However, my professional future was destined to be firmly back on the ground... In 1976 a chance introduction to Julie Andrews' husband film producer Blake Edwards really kicked off my interest in photography after he invited me onto the set of the Peter Sellers' now classic film 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' at Shepperton Studios. Stills photographer David Farrell further fired my enthusiasm when, during a break in filming, I was offered a short photo shoot with leading fashion model and 'Bond girl' actress Maud Adams. From that moment on art and photography have always played a major part in my life. I now live in the beautiful southwest corner of England with​ my designer and photo-stylist wife Jan. Following a serious illness in 2016 we were forced to leave commercial photography behind us but this now allows me to concentrate solely on creating art from my studio in Devon

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