‘The Actress and the Watchtower’


‘The Actress and the Watchtower’


The very beautiful but mysterious countryside surrounding the village of Stoke Gabriel in Devon (Southwest England) harbours many secrets and is the backdrop for numerous ghostly tales. This strange building, half church tower – half lighthouse is said to possess magical powers. Anyone who is brave enough to enter and climbs the crumbling ancient wooden steps to the lookout is granted a vision into the past. But what is Dea de Corlay the Edwardian actress doing walking through a field of serenely grazing sheep?

Available now in my Artfinder Shop.



‘Sally Flies Over The Rainbow’

'Sally Flies Over The Rainbow' - Mixed media collage

‘Sally Flies Over The Rainbow’ – Mixed media collage


During my flying training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in the 1960s we all had a name for various aircraft we flew. They were all of course ladies and mine was always affectionately named ‘Sally’. As a late teenager I looked to the future as most young people do with hope and ambition and flying through the clouds over the great English countryside I felt that anything was possible and nothing was ever out of reach if you tried hard enough. In reality simple physics dictates that you can never actually fly ‘over’ a rainbow or even through it as it will always evade you and always be in front of you! However, for me, anything was possible back then and I always believed that Sally and I would one day fly right over that rainbow!

This collage is made using parts from the actual manual aviation computer I was issued with in the Royal Air Force along with colour plates from a 1914 dictionary and an illustration from a 1928 magazine.

‘Sally Flies Over The rainbow’ is now available through my shop at Artfinder.

Shipping to the UK is same day if ordered before 12.00 noon by Special Delivery next day. Shipping to the USA, Europe and Canada within 24 hours of order by International Track and Signed For. Shipping to Australia within 24 hours of order by International Tracked.

‘Three Sixty Degrees’



Since retiring from full-time professional photography I am now veering in a more artistic direction to satisfy my creative urges and to hopefully make a few sales.  This summer I have been concentrating on digital artworks, 3D collaging and small assemblage pieces which are now selling well on Artfinder. I have just completed my latest crazy artwork entitled  ‘Three Sixty Degrees’ which is a stand-alone box assemblage measuring 332 mm high x 193 mm wide x 94 mm deep constructed from found (mainly vintage) objects. Using two Victorian mahogany boxes, parts of the electric motor from our family’s 1950’s 8mm cine projector, an antique Bisque dolls head, a French Lotto card, parts of a zoom lens casing, and part of my own pilot’s navigational computer from the 1960s. Turn the armature on the motor and the boys head swivels in his glass ‘observation’ sphere. (see video).





I am very pleased to say that four more of my assemblages, ‘The Meeting of Minds’, ‘The Saint’, ‘Brush Twice a Day’ and ‘The Meditator’ are now enjoying new homes in Kansas City and London. Please see my latest offerings on Artfinder.


Artworks now with collectors in London, Kansas City, St. Albans and Longfield.

Artworks now with collectors in London, Kansas City, St. Albans and Longfield.


Sales of my Limited Edition prints are steadily increasing with most of them going to the United States. I am particularly pleased with a fun piece entitled ‘My Ship of Devon Dreams’, the first of which is now safely with a collector in Tallahassee Florida.


'My Devon Ship of Dreams'

‘My Ship of Devon Dreams’

Two Beautiful Tony Foard Ceramics For sale

Foard_hat-0004_original Foard_small-0003_original


We bought these beautiful ceramic pieces from the Old Bakery Gallery near Chichester a number of years ago. They are by Kent ceramicist Tony Foard with hallmarked silver necklaces by the then famous silversmith (now departed) Michael Bolton. They stand about 460mm tall and look stunning as a pair. However, whereas I love them, Jan has always had reservations so we have decided to part with them. The problem is, where do you advertise such items? So, if anyone is interested in giving these girls a new home do let me know. The pair cost around £600 but they will be available at less than half that price.


Foard_hat-0002_original Foard_hat-0003_original Foard_small-0001_original Foard_small-0002_original

Three New Assemblage Pieces

'The Saint' by Colin Cadle 2016

‘The Saint’ by Colin Cadle 2016

I am pleased to say that I have now placed another three new assemblage pieces for sale on Artfinder. ‘The Tiny Time Traveller’ sold recently and is now being enjoyed by a collector in St. Louis Missouri.



Twice a day-067

‘Brush Twice a Day’


Meeting Minds-003

‘The Meeting of Minds’

‘Circuits To The Past’

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.39.41



A piece of digital art I have been thinking about for a while now. Over the years I have been collecting the circuit boards from various pieces of redundant communications equipment which have been used in my various businesses. The intention was to build a small assemblage or sculpture called ‘Office Block’ or similar. As it has never happened to date I thought I would produce a 2 dimensional artwork using these boards which are from a fax machine, car phone transceiver box, computer, dictaphone, hard drive etc. along with images from postcards from the early part of the 20th Century as well as camera equipment advertisements of that era as they too helped with visual communications in themselves. The work is now available as a Limited Edition print on the highest quality Hahnemuhle German etching paper from my Artfinder Shop.

Fine Art Limited Editions Launched

As autumn cracks on and winter approaches our traditional business starts to slow a little. However, this gives us a great opportunity to concentrate on increasing the content of our Devon Stock Photo Library and our latest offering – Fine Art Limited Edition Prints 


Each print is carefully prepared by one of London’s leading art print laboratories using archival pigment inks onto gallery standard Hahnemühle German etching paper. This first set are all in a square format. The signed and numbered prints, all in an edition of just 25 are supplied unmounted or mounted onto acid free board and set within a plain white mat mount which measures 400mm x 400mm. The unmounted image size including the 20mm border measures 305mm x 305mm (12″ x 12″). Good standard frames are available online in this size from Habitat and similar suppliers.

The first selection of 20 Limited Editions

The first selection of 20 Limited Editions

Each artwork was shot and created in Devon or Cornwall and is posted to you by 1st Class Signed-for or couriered to you by Hermes. Please allow 10 business days for delivery but we will keep you informed of progress by email.


Please follow this link to Fine Art Limited Editions on the Colin Cadle Photography website

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