My Final Assemblage? – ‘Ahead of the Game’ #4


Back to my Roots

The winter is over, Spring finally here and big changes happening in the Cadle Studio. After much soul-searching and deliberation, I have decided to discontinue my adventure into assemblage making and return to my core interest in photography.

The studio is now being purged of all assemblage artefacts and room is being made for a new mini-studio where amongst other new projects further creations will be made in my Tiny People Series.  There will be major changes online with the South Devon Photo Library and limited edition print sales being subsumed into my main website.

So, lots of work to do to get it all up and running quickly and smoothly but clearing the decks for a new photographic start feels very refreshing and with the sun shining brightly all day today it gives me added enthusiasm for the challenge ahead.

The Last Assemblage?

Mastermind of all indoor games, this chap knows all the rules, stored in his vault and very large brain! ‘Ahead of the Game’ #4 is likely to be the last assemblage and is beautifully housed in a heavy glass dome with a matching red base. The handmade ‘vault’ is supported on four upturned chess pieces for feet and displays definitions of Roulette, Bezique, Chess and Poker around the side panels which are made using original pages from a 1914 dictionary.



The collar is made from 10 counters from a 1930s French Lotto game above 15 dominoes. The head with turn 360 degrees in either direction so it can face out over any of the four sides or corners.


This piece is also available without the glass dome and base



Signed on the underside


‘Ahead of the game’ #4 is now available directly from my website by clicking on any of the above images. Please email me for shipping prices outside of the UK.






Two More Assemblages go to Sweden

‘A Gentleman of Note’

A couple of weeks ago, a Swedish collector, Sky Olsson purchased her fourth assemblage, ‘A Gentleman of Note‘ who is now springing and wobbling to his heart’s content on prominent display in her lovely Stockholm apartment.


‘A Glimpse Into Neverland’ 2018

A lifetime lover of Peter Pan and Wendy, Sky later expressed an interest in commissioning a work with a strong element featuring the ‘boy who never grew up’.  Inspired by a 1985 copy of J M Barrie’s book, I set about creating a piece with a difference.


The inside of the ‘altered book’


After painstakingly ‘hollowing out’ all 197 pages, lining the void with the ‘Fairy’ entry from a 1914 dictionary and fitting mirrored sides to the void I mounted a 1950s vintage musical box movement which plays when you open the book.

The inside cover is adorned with Wendy’s song and little ‘sound bites’ from the book and above the musical movement is mounted a lovely old 1910 postcard featuring our tiny characters entitled ‘Wendy Gives Peter a Kiss’.

The stand is made using vintage chess pieces.

The whole is mounted on a stand made from vintage chess pieces and painted in gold to sit neatly on a coffee table or wide shelf.


Entitled ‘A Glimpse Into Neverland’ this is my second ‘altered book’ the first being ‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’ which is now with a collector in Aberdeen. I am now actively seeking out other suitable books to create further unique works.

‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’


‘Archibald Takes Up Photography’ – Cover



If you are interested in commissioning a unique assemblage piece for yourself or as a very special gift please contact me at or see the ‘Commissions’ information on my website.



‘On Top of The World’

Two new images published today – ‘On top of the World’  and ‘The Thirty-Five Millimetre Sunset’

‘On Top of the World’ (305 x 305) Limited edition of 10


One of my clowns (kindly sent recently for adoption by Karin Olsson in Stockholm) is quite a naughty boy. Already he has escaped from the prop room and has scaled Haytor on Dartmoor. It took him all night but he is there to witness an amazing sunrise and clearly feeling ‘On Top of the World’!


‘The Thirty-Five Millimetre Sunset’ (420 x 286) – Limited edition of 10

Another in my ‘Tiny People’ Series. This time, a tiny executive from Kodak climbs atop a giant film canister to reflect on past glories and witness the sun setting on the last days of 35mm film. (Trivia: the actual piece of film used here came from a news shot for the Evening Standard in London of a farmhouse fire by the M4 in 1976).


Both images are now available directly through my website.

‘Spring Cleaning at the Candy Bar’



‘Spring Cleaning at the Candy Bar’


This is the next in my ‘Tiny People’ 2018 Series entitled ‘Spring Cleaning at The Candy Bar’. This time a couple of tiny maids and a maintenance man are cleaning, dusting and blowing their way to get the bar ready for this season’s opening.

This Limited Edition uses ‘C-type’ matt Fujifilm ‘Crystal Archive’ photographic paper processed using traditional silver-based chemistry by the UK’s leading professional fine art lab in London. Each print has a 10 mm white border all around.

A Certificate of Authenticity bearing the title, edition number, digital signature and a uniquely numbered security hologram accompanies each print along with a duplicate hologram for fixing to the back of the print after framing.

The print comes in a Limited edition of 20 pieces, available now from my website.

The ‘Tiny People’ Are Back!

‘A Visit to the Candy Museum’


I have decided to return to create a few more in my ‘Tiny People’ Series. In ‘A Visit to the Candy Museum’ our tiny loving couple are nearing the end of their visit and are passing piles of the ‘big people’s candy where freshly mined examples of Smarties, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Eclairs and Skittles are displayed in huge piles to whet their appetites. Shopping bags are at the ready to stock up as they are about to enter the Gift Shop!

This print comes in a Limited edition of 20 pieces, available now from my website.



‘I Long to be Free’

‘I Long To Be Free’ (click to enlarge)


‘I Long to be Free’ – The girl sitting quietly in contemplation is both safe and warm in her city home but at the same time quite unhappy. She dreams of the sea and the countryside and the freedom of travel. One day she will go there where she will find happiness and contentment.

This is dedicated to a very good friend on whom the image is based.

The view through the window was shot at Bantham in South Devon looking across to Burgh Island at Bigbury on Sea.

It is now available in a Limited Edition of 20 prints directly from my website or this link HERE.




Inspiration from Sweden

Today I send out a great big ‘Thank you’ to a dear collector from Sweden who already has four of my limited edition prints and two assemblage pieces. The gratitude is for sending me seven young ladies from her precious collection of Barbie and Kurhn dolls which she felt I may be able to use in my work.


‘Saved’ – Limited Edition Print

These new additions to the family wasted no time in exploring the house and studio, one, an American photographer has even taken to flying. She thinks she’s a drone.


Flying around outside the house!


Clowning around in a Mary Rose Young ceramic bowl.


So, I think it is time to give the very ‘Tiny People’ a holiday whilst I monitor the behaviour of these new friends and see if we can turn them into professional cast members!


We have about 50 of these babies and our new Kurhn nurse was quick to find one


I just can’t keep this one’s feet on the ground!


It seems this one’s got the photography bug too!


Relaxing in the studio with a couple of inquisitive onlookers


Already on a pedestal – this one could be a problem!


So thank you Karin for these very inspirational gifts, I think you have started a whole new phase of my work in my ‘Re-Imagined World’.

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